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If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that there’s no love quite like the love you have for your fur baby. Science even says it’s better to sleep next to a dog than another human. No wonder most pet owners kiss their dog more than their partner (could be something to do with the fact that a man’s beard carries more germs than a dog).

But have you ever tried to describe your pet in five words? Because the people of Twitter are doing just that – and the results are magnificent.

From photos of dogs in shower caps (yes, really), to judgemental cats, the #MyPetIn5Words hashtag has really taken off. And we are not worthy.

This dog may just win:

Or perhaps this ultra-stylish pup gets your vote:

Cat people, never fear – there are some feisty felines in the mix too:

And some cats that just love to relax:

Although not all pets are concerned about hygiene:

It’s not just our furry friends stealing the limelight either:


Just remember this hashtag whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Or if you’re counting down the hours until you can leave the office.

Either way, the photos and captions will bring you so. Much. Joy.

Thank you, internet.

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